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Desi ESP PUBG Review:

It’s declared that billions of people are very aware of and fond of playing Players Unknown BattleGround Game (PUBG). If you’re here It means you’re highly fond of this game. Anyways, you’re at the right place from where you can get your desired thing. This platform is rendering the thing related to PUBG Mobile game to ease your match. Today, through this article you’re going to know about Desi ESP PUBG.

Desi ESP PUBG is an Android application that is developed for the cheating purpose of an action_advantured game (PubG Mobile). Ordinarily, your match becomes so typical while playing in Erangle Classic and other maps. As your levels up, face defeatable players so this app confirmed helps you in detecting the location of against players. When you are infiltrated in this hacking app, see several types of amazing features that are enabled to use in all modes and maps.

The purpose of developing Esp apps is only to provide rid of facing difficulties in online shooting games. Desi Esp app makes PubG easier than original. It’s all hacks work up to your choice and your chance of Winning Chicken Dinners in PubG increases. So what are you waiting for? Get the app in your device and win matches by getting chicken dinners.

Features of Desi ESP:

  • This application provides you the major information about near enemy which contain name, location, position, health, ammunitions, and skeleton.
  • Through Desi Esp, you precisely shoot your enemy as compared to play normally.
  • The best benefit of downloading this app is that it doesn’t require root permission.
  • It allows you to enable your desired features during playing matches in all modes.
  • It would be in your mind that it’s hard to use but truth is that the interface of Desi ESP is user-friendly.
  • Here you enjoy the treasure of hacks in PubG Mobile Game like Player Box, several vehicles, guns, bombs, energy drinks, bullets, scopes as well as most wanted Flare Guns and much more.
  • This cheat app renders you a way of increasing the level of your game.
  • It helps you in completing your daily challenges and increases the chance of getting UCs.
  • This tool is light in size that can easily adjust in low storage phones.
  • The app doesn’t disturb you by displaying ads.
  • There’s no chance of blocking your PubG ID so feel free to utilize it.

Things to consider before using Desi ESP:

  • The Desi ESP App is a ban-free version so enjoy it without being scared. But we suggest that you don’t use the main account at any cost.
  • The latest version is currently supporting only rooted devices. If you are willing to use on no root Android device then you can use app and game in virtual or use ESP No Root.
  • Android Os required above 6+.
  • Clear the cache of PUBG after playing every match.
  • Don’t kill lots of enemies in one match.


If you can’t survive in PUBG game more than a minute then Desi ESP is the best app for you. Get the app from the given link above and play every match for chicken dinner, not for kills.

Additional Information

October 12, 2020